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When it pertains to residence renovation or remodelings, granite is among one of the most prominent options for most households. Its abundant and natural charm really raises the general worth and aesthetic appeal of your house. You can have this mineral for your granite kitchen area countertops and granite washroom countertops.

Despite its classic appeal as well as sophistication, there are still troubles from making use of granite yet it does not induce a wonderful reduction in its total quality. Like quartz, granite’s main complaint is its significant price but there are already a couple of providers who supply cheap granite countertops Hialeah.

What is Granite

This mineral is an igneous rock that is composed of feldspar, mica, and also around 20 percent quartz. It is primarily mined in various nations such as Italy, China, Brazil, India, and Norway. Barre, Vermont is the biggest granite mine in the United States.

In terms of appearance or finish, you have a range of an option applicable to granite. This mineral can have a sleek, refined, cleaned, or sandblasted finish. The option substantially depends on where you plan to have your granite slab mounted in your kitchen and bathroom.

To get more information regarding this magnificent stone, remain tuned and go through the whole section of our article. We will certainly be going over numerous suggestions as well as subjects relating to granite.

Granite Countertops Pros & Cons

Have you done your research study regarding the benefits and also downsides of granite countertops? Like any type of other products for your countertops as well as residence improvements, granite has its beauty and also defects that you need to know and also accept. Recognizing the alternative nature of this mineral is essential to make sure that you won’t be sorry for choosing this for your countertops.

Granite Countertops Pros

Eco-friendly Material

Granite countertops are 100 percent recyclable and durable minerals. Its supply is not as abundant as quartz and also various other man-made minerals utilized for countertops.

Resisting to Heat

Considering this mineral is an igneous rock, so it is used to severe heat as well as pressure. When you place warm things like frying pans in addition to your granite kitchen countertops, you can not see any kind of burnt black spot on its surface.

Resistant to Scratches

Based on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, granite countertops are in the 7th range (1-10 range 1-weakest while 10-hardest). This is also the primary reason why it has superb resilience.

Smooth for Huge Slabs

When you choose a big granite slab for your granite kitchen area countertops, there will be no joints at all. Nevertheless, for smaller piece sizes, you can anticipate 2 to 3 joints. If your countertops are angled in different instructions, then anticipate a joint.

Best for Undermount Sink

Your granite washroom countertops and granite cooking area countertops are best coupled with an under-mount sink. This is highly suggested due to the fact that you can wipe off fluids and also spills straight into the sink without being caught by its lip.


Aside from being a great product for your countertops, granite also matches best for backsplashes. If the color and also appearance is paired with your countertop, it creates a constant and also seamless look.

Chemically resisting

Aside from being heat as well as scrape evidence, granite countertops also have superb resistance against chemicals. We still advise you to prevent acidic cleaning representatives as it can remove the slim film covering and also keeping the sealing residential or commercial properties of granite.

Granite Countertops Cons


The cost of granite countertops differs based on their quality– low, medium as well as high. The approximated price for economical granite countertops is around $35 to $55 per square foot.
At the same time, the cost for the top-quality grade granite countertop is between $125 to $200 per square foot. If you want a less costly one, you can go for a granite tile countertop.

Limited Color Variations

Unlike synthetic minerals, granite countertops have fewer choices for color range. The layout, as well as veinings, are outstanding in spite of its shortage of alternatives. The typical variety you can have is white granite countertops and also black granite countertops. There are likewise blue granite countertops that you can have for your kitchen and bathroom remodelings.

Securing Maintenance

Granite countertops are naturally porous which places them in danger for the development of germs, mold, and mildews, and also mold inside its mineral pores. This inherent permeable nature of granite makes it vulnerable to stains. To solve this issue, you require to have yearly or semi-annual securing maintenance on your granite shower room countertops and granite kitchen area countertops.

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